Visiting the Temples Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Angkor Wat Bayon Cambodia

Last year while I was travelling through Southeast Asia I visited the famous Temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. These famous temples are built in the first half of the 12th century, which means they are almost 1000 years old! They are also on the UNESCO world heritage list, so definitely a must-see when you’re in the area.   

Me and my friend were staying in a hostel called One Stop and booked a tour there. The reason why we did that was because we both don’t drive motorcycles and we didn’t really know where to start – there’s so many temples to see so which ones do we choose?

Our tour was a sunrise tour and the tuktuk driver picked us up at 4:30. He talked about each temple before we got in so we got a little bit of background information. The tour was only 12USD so it was very affordable and definitely worth it.

After getting our tickets at the ticket office we went to the first temple: Angkor Wat. We sat down behind the pond waiting for the sun to start rising. Usually, the earlier you get to a tourist spot, the quieter it is, but at Angkor Wat that’s not the case. I was wondering if maybe Beyoncé was giving a concert too because it was SO extremely busy. It was a bit cloudy this day so it wasn’t the nicest sunrise I’ve ever seen, so we walked around for quite a bit instead of waiting in front of the temple.

Ancient temples or Beyoncé in concert? You tell me.

The second Temple we visited was the Bayon temple. This temple is known for the big Buddha faces (or arguably: the faces of Brahma) that can be seen all over the temple.

The third temple was Ta Keo, a huge unfinished temple. This temple has super steep stairs so we had to hold on tight to get to the top. The fact that we were wearing tight skirts and flip flops didn’t make the climb easier. Our tour guide told us this temple was never finished because lightning struck while they were building it, and this is seen as a bad omen.

The fourth temple was Ta Prohm. This temple was by far my favorite. The temple is basically untouched since it was neglected in the 15th century. Because of the many tourist visiting each year, they’ve built pathways to protect the tourists from getting injured and the buildings from being damaged further. The temple is overgrown with trees and plants and that makes the place very unique. We stayed at this temple for quite a while.

The final temple we saw was Banteay Kdei, and I believe at this point I got really tired from walking around these temples and waking up very early. Luckily this temple was quite small and we didn’t have to climb steep stairs.

Although the entrance to Angkor Wat is quite expensive, I 100% think it’s worth it. And it’s another UNESCO World Heritage site that I can tick off my list.

Have you ever been to Angkor Wat? Or are you planning on going? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Such stunning pictures and so beautifully written. Loved reading it.

    1. Marianka | The Tanned Tales says: Reply

      thank you! Glad you liked it! X

  2. Such lovely insight into your trip 💕 and the pictures are so very inspiring… makes me wanna explore those temples!

    1. Thanks for reading Montana!! 🙂

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