How To Always Look Like You’ve Just Been Travelling

In an ideal world I’d have a house next to the beach and spend at least an hour there every day. Unfortunately, I live near a smelly pond in a country where the sun hardly ever shines. I have created a small routine to keep my skin looking like I HAVE just been on holiday. Here’s my tips!


At least once a week, before I hop in the shower, I will take 15 minutes to dry brush my skin. I think my friends are sick of hearing me talking about it, but I am OBSESSED with dry brushing.

Starting at your feet and hands, carefully exfoliate your dry skin with the brush. You should finish around your heart/chest area. Don’t use this brush on your face and be careful around your neck and chest as the skin here is more sensitive. Afterwards, take a shower as per usual!

Dry brushing helps with blood circulation and therefore makes your skin look plump and vibrant. It also gives you an energy boost and apparently reduces cellulite and the visibility of pores! All good stuff. A good brush is usually made with wood and animal hair, and shouldn’t hurt your skin. I got mine at Holland & Barrett.


I like to shave my legs instead of any other method, but that is just my personal preference. When I do so, I like to shave against the hair growth for smooth and silky legs. Instead of shaving cream I use cheap conditioner – I feel like it makes my razors last longer and it makes my legs softer. After this, I rinse my body with cold water.


As a moisturizer I like using pure coconut oil. This just gives you that automatic glow and it really makes your skin super soft. I avoid using coconut oil on my face because it makes me break out. If I don’t have enough time to let my body absorb the coconut oil, I’ll mix it in with a regular moisturizer. One that I really like for my dry skin is Vaseline Intensive Care.


My skin is usually quite tanned so I hardly ever use any tanning lotions on my body. The only time I do is on my face because the skin here is very pale in comparison to my body. I like to use Garniers Natural Bronzer moisturizer milk. This one is light and doesn’t tan very dark, which I like on my face.

On a regular day I like to put Soleil Tan de Chanel on my face, which is one of my favorite bronzers ever. It’s a creamy formula that’s not too dark. I love putting it on the highpoints of my face to I can get a sun kissed look.

Getting that summer glow

Finally, when that is all done, I like to apply a shimmering oil to really feel like I’m glowing. I’m currently using The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze. This one was gifted to me by a friend and it honestly makes me feel like a goddess. Especially when the sun hits and you can see all the shimmery particles.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve used any of these before or if you have other tips that I haven’t mentioned!

Thanks for reading 🙂


6 Replies to “How To Always Look Like You’ve Just Been Travelling”

  1. Great post with lots of information 😊 will give the dry skin brushing a go! And follow up with the honey bronze 😎

    1. Thanks for reading! And if you try them out let me know what you think 😊

  2. Sippin Gypsy says: Reply

    Great post! Love that look of sun kissed skin right after vacation! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thanks for reading! So do I!

  3. Love this fun post! 💕 Always enjoy beauty routines and insightful tips. I LOVE exfoliating and coconut oil is just amazing! ✨

    1. Thank you Montana!! Me too, I always love reading beauty routines and finding new inspiration. Honestly exfoliating is the best thing ever but I can’t explain how much more incredible drybrushing is compared to exfoliating in the shower. Try it one time if you haven’t yet! Thanks for reading♥️

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