6 Months In Sydney Part II – Where I ate

One of the things that just never works out when I’m abroad is budgeting on food. I just love good food too much and even if I would cook myself, I still want to use a wide variety of ingredients, which doesn’t make the dish any cheaper. Luckily I made some good friends who were foodies as well so we could explore Sydney through our taste buds. Here’s some of my favorite places for food, drinks and deserts!


Earthfood café, Bondi Beach – My favorite place for brunch in Bondi. It’s healthy, it’s fresh, it’s super yummy. Earthfood store & café serve organic and healthy food. They have a good variety of salads, sandwiches and breakfast options. My very favorite option is their avocado on toast on which they put some really spicy spices – I love it. They also serve wholesome dinners from Monday – Wednesday.

Portobello Caffe, Circular Quay – If you want to have some good wine and Italian food, Portobello Caffe is the perfect place. It’s located in front of the opera house and next to the harbour. If you get here around sunset you’ll have the best view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It’s not cheap, but the food is delicious and for the views you’re getting I would say it’s worth it.

Shuk, North Bondi – If you’re feeling like Israeli/Mediterranean food, definitely go here. It’s a bit further away from Bondi Beach but definitely worth walking to. For breakfast my favorite option was their granola, which was filled to the brim with nuts and seasonal fruits. For lunch I recommend the grilled haloumi salad. Also don’t forget to treat yourself on one of their chocolate brownies because they are simply amazing.

Graze MCA, Circular Quay – This restaurant is located on the top floor of the Contemporary Art Museum and I only accidentally ended up here after being in the museum. I was initially planning on just ordering a drink but whenever I see a food menu, I order food. We managed to grab a seat with a view over the Sydney Harbour, looking right at the Opera House. There is a very relaxed vibe here and it’s a great spot to spend a sunny afternoon. Most of the food on their menu is to share, which I like. I ordered some kind of haloumi pizza which is unfortunately not on the menu anymore.

Pompei’s, Bondi Beach– Fantastic pizza, fantastic ice cream. It’s a bit more expensive compared to other restaurants, but if you’re feeling a little fancy and you crave some good Italian food; Pompei’s is your place to go.



The Grounds of Alexandria, Alexandria – This place is by far my favorite restaurant/café in Sydney. Unfortunately I only went once, but if I could, I’d go back over and over again. The Grounds of Alexandria is an old industrial building turned into a greenhouse. The location is beautifully decorated depending on the season. The way they present their food and drinks is super creative. If you’re ever there I recommend you to order one of the cocktails, because who doesn’t want to drink a Piña Colada from a flower pot with a sunflower in it?

Kusuka Café, Darling Harbour – I found this café when it was featured on the Ladbible Facebook page. Kusuka seems to be known for their fancy drinks – from glittering space-like drinks to lattes in ice cream cones; they have everything. Their café is very very instagrammable, but since I was there in the evening I couldn’t really take good pictures. I ordered their ‘Angela’s Chai’ which is a traditional recipe from the owners mother – it is definitely one of the best chai I have ever had. Kusuka has a couple of cafes around Sydney but I went to the one at Sussex St (near Darling Harbour).

Picture by my friend @followthebluebrick on instagram

Lamrock Café, Bondi Beach – If you don’t feel like being too healthy in Bondi, this is the place to go. The main reason I kept coming back was their Iced Chai Latte. Although it’s not the cheapest drink on their menu, it is worth the money. I’m pretty sure this chai latte is still a reoccurring theme in my dreams, even after two months.

The Choc Pot, Sydney CBD – If you’re as big on chocolate as I am, do NOT skip this place. The Choc Pot serves a wide variety of chocolate milks, each with a different twist. Think of s’mores chocolate milk or chocolate milk with crispy balls (don’t ask, just try. I assure you it’s amazing). Aside from their chocolate milk, they also have amazing desserts. Not only is their signature dessert ‘The Choc Pot’ the most amazing thing ever, you should definitely check out their menu to see the mouth-watering options.



Zumbo Patisserie, Circular Quay – Not only do their desserts look like they should be in a museum, the taste is a work of art as well. I believe that whatever you choose from this patisserie, it’s going to be amazing. My personal favorites are the Ultimate Brownie (this brownie really deserves its name), the Lemon Meringue Tart and the Passionfruit Tart (which tastes a lot like a very fancy Solero Exotic – no complaints).

Cow & The Moon, Newtown – I went here because someone recommended it to me, saying it is the best ice cream place in Sydney. Their flavors are really creative, original and well executed. It was quite far from where I lived so I haven’t gone there too often, but if I could, I would.

Aqua S, Sydney CBD – I’m a big fan of soft serve ice cream, especially vanilla with sprinkles, but I never really go for other flavors because I just KNOW it’s good. However, Aqua S instantly persuaded me to go for something funky. I ordered a flavor called Watermelon Rose. I didn’t even know what a rose tasted like before this, but I’m sure they captured it perfectly. The flavors change every now and then so there’s always something new to choose from.


Have you ever been to one of these places? Or do you know another amazing place in Sydney? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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  1. That granola looks simply amazing – thanks for sharing your recommendations!

    1. When I was in Sydney I went to AQUA S too! Loved the ice cream it was so different!

      1. The flavours are so original right?! Thanks for reading 🙂

    2. It was! Thanks for reading Caity!! 🙂

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